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NYCLA Amicus Curiae

Dec 21, 2023

The New York County Lawyers Association is proud to present our latest episode of the NYCLA Amicus Curiae Podcast with host Daniel K. Wiig. This important episode addresses the elephant in the room of the legal profession: Mental Health. In the latest episode, Daniel sits down with our guest Jason Ward, a Retired Lawyer, Founder of Ward Lawyers PC, Speaker, and Author who shares his journey from success to addiction, and finally recovery. Jason launched a website: Mentally Speaking,  to grow awareness around mental health issues in the legal profession and to destigmatize those who are suffering, often in silence. 

The culture of the legal profession is driven by instant accessibility, billable hours, and the expectation that members of the profession be essentially on call 24 hours/ 7 days/365 days a year. The most successful attorneys are rewarded accordingly. The drive to be successful under these expectations create the perfect mix for substance abuse and mental health issues. Jason shares his insights on the challenges he faced and how he ultimately found balance. 

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*The views expressed on the NYCLA Amicus Curiae podcast are those of the guest, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of NYCLA, its affiliates, members, officers, or Board.