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NYCLA Amicus Curiae

Sep 30, 2021

The New York County Lawyers Association is proud to present the latest episode of Amicus Curiae with host Daniel K. Wiig.: A Conversation with Lisa Durante, Founder of LDI Consultants. Lisa is a Communications Expert, Strategist, & Working Parent Consultant. Listen as Lisa shares insights on how to navigate the "New Normal" as a working parent. This episode was recorded as we prepared ourselves to head back into the office and send our children back to class. Lisa advises that parents do their due diligence and consider the positive opportunities to balance work and family life through effective communication. Join host Dan Wiig as he holds a conversation with Lisa Durante that will provide key takeaways to improve your quality of life and create a more balanced experience in the "New Normal".

Amicus Curiae provides our listeners with actionable insights through candid guest conversations. We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to sharing the stories and journeys of future our guests. Listen now to Episode 11 with guest Lisa Durante!