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NYCLA Amicus Curiae

Nov 30, 2023

NYCLA Amicus Curiae with Host Daniel K. Wiig had the opportunity to sit down with Fabio Bertoni, General Counsel of The New Yorker to discuss the state of the media, freedom of speech, journalism, and the implications of law on the press. Fabio shares a bit background on the conversations held prior to the publication of The New Yorker articles written by Ronan Farrow which assisted in bringing former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein to justice. Also up for discussion is the Sullivan Standard, the FCC Fairness Doctrine, Dominion v. Fox News, Neutral Reportage Privilege, and Donald Trump. We also delve into the intracies of the role of General Counsel at The New Yorker. This is a very interesting and informative conversation. Listen now! 


More about Fabio Bertoni

Fabio Bertoni is general counsel of The New Yorker magazine, where he is responsible for pre-publication review of all articles, website posts, videos and other content published by The New Yorker, as well as supervising legal issues surrounding The New Yorker Festival and other events. Prior to working at The New Yorker, Fabio was assistant general counsel at HarperCollins Publishers & vice president and deputy general counsel for ALM Media, publisher of The American Lawyer, the New York Law Journal, and dozens of other newspapers and magazines across the United States. Fabio also serves as an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School, where he teaches a seminar on Media Law Drafting.  He began his legal career at the firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed and is a graduate of Columbia Law School and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

**The views expressed here are those of the guest, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of NYCLA, its affiliates, members, officers, or Board.